Reproduction of German Militaria atlanticrzm
Reproduction of German Militaria
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More than 2000 references,
in Stock,
and on Order.

High quality manufacturing,
in compliance with standards
clothing cases
of the Third Reich.

Unique in Europe:
Making your uniform
in tailor-made
with the badges of your choice.

Discover our reproductions:
Head gears And Uniforms,
Collar and shoulder tabs,
Head gear and uniform badges,
Medals, Badges, Decorations,
Ribbon and Medal Bars,
Armbands, Cuff Titles,
Belts, Equipment,
Documents ...

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We would like to point out to you that these reproductions are sold to compensate for the lack of authentic effects, historical reconstructions, museums, performing arts, private collections, and are not intended to be an apology for an ideology or a political party, past or present.